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We're Stronger Together

Est. 1976 - Oklahoman Owned

No Commitment - Absolutely Free Inspection

We understand that scheduling a roofing appointment can be a hassle, which is why we've made the process as easy as possible.

In-person Inspection

Our standard in-person roofing inspection.


One of our roofing  specialist (Not Salesmen) will complete an on-site inspection and discuss the next steps before replacing your roof. 

Drone Inspection

Our preferred inspection, utilizing industry specific drones to identify any damage on your roof with a 3D model. 

Using the same technology insurance companies use, but against them. 

No Inspection Estimate

Just want an estimate? All we need is your address and we will measure your roof from Google Earth like software to produce a standard estimate.

A on-site inspection is always recommended before signing an estimate.

"stay at work, We'll stay in our Truck" inspection

For those who don't feel like social interaction, or don't want to take a personal day off work.


All we'll touch is your driveway during a drone inspection. All information will be uploaded to your personal customer portal. 

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno


About Our Company

Stronghold Roofing is proud to be Oklahoman & Veteran owned. We go to great lengths to ensure quality and customer service to our community. From our largest to our smallest projects, we believe everyone deserves the same level of service, care, and quality. We embody "Stronger Together" in everything we do. 



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