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Drone Inspections

No Commitment - No Cost - Just Great Information

Leveraging Insurance Industry Tech
To Benefit Our Customers


The Skydio 2+

One of the most advanced roofing drones on the market, specially developed by Skydio, an industry leader in commercial drones, and EagleView, the roofing software the revolutionized satellite roof imaging & measurements. 

Why Choose A Drone Inspection?

At Stronghold Roofing, we harness cutting-edge drone technology for superior, safe, and efficient roof inspections.

Key Benefits

  1. Safety: No more risky climbs. Drones provide safe assessments from the ground.

  2. Efficiency: Swift coverage of large areas for faster results.

  3. Precision: High-resolution imagery ensures thorough and accurate evaluations.

  4. Cost-Effective: Spot potential issues early, saving on future repair costs.

  5. Customer-Friendly: No climbing on your roof, and potentially damaging additional property. 

Certified and Insured

Our pilots are FAA-compliant, and we're fully insured for peace of mind.

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